earthquake hit by Bareeda district in the eastern region of the GARDAFU”Puntland

Garowe( from Puntland say that heavy rains struck parts of eastern Somalia.

This  earthquake Estimated size 5.0 magnitude,on Sunday hit  by the Gulf of GARDAFU”who across the Indian Ocean and the Caspian Sea, in the Far East in Puntland, according to the United States Department of State’s land survey.

Earthquakes hit 171km north-west of the Bareeda district in the eastern region of the GARDAFU, and initially shook down 10km downstairs, spreading 13.3039 degrees north,while the east side reached 50.449 degrees in length.

Puntland Now during the Rain season,Especial In Eastern Regions.

So far No One Known The effects This  earthquake as the area is too far .


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