Somalia: Emirates and Qatar Fight in Somalia

In a statement to the State Minister for Foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emirates Anwar Mohammed Garqaash on the Twitter, he referred to the report Voice of the newspaper The New York Times presented Discussions telephoned the Ambassador of Qatar in Somalia and businessman spoke on the occasion of the May 11th bombing of the city of Bossaso.

Garqash wrote on Twitter that the Qatari government’s threat to its neighbors reflects its relationship with extremism and terrorism, according to his statement.

He added that Qatar could not deny the statement, which does not require Investigations, and would not welcome the allegations of terrorism against his UAE and that it would confirm the true action of the four countries.

“In the Qatari crisis with its neighbors, the New York Times report on the mediator and the Qatari ambassador in Somalia documents the Doha relationship with extremism and terrorism, the registration is dangerous and can not be denied an urgent statement that was not accompanied by an investigation.”Said Garqash

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