Coronavirus Cases In Kenya Hit 15 After 8 New Cases On Sunday

Kenya now has 15 confirmed cases of coronavirus after 8 more people have tested positive, CS Health has announced. The eight cases include five Kenyans, three French nationals and one Mexican national.

The eight who have tested positive for coronavirus are between the ages of 20 years and 57 years. The eight cases are of individuals who came into Kenya between the 4th of March and 17th of March 2020.

The senior government official in Msambweni, Kilifi County who traveled to Germany but refused to quarantine himself is set to face the law 14 days after his quarantine period.

363 Kenyans are since being traced after having come into contact with the eight individuals who have tested positive for coronavirus.

“The coming two weeks are extremely critical for Kenya as we have noted that the cases in other countries increase dramatically in the 2nd week,” cs Kagwe has said.

“All International flights are suspended effective Wednesday the 25 of March 2020 with an exemption of cargo flights,” CS Kagwe has ordered saying it was sad Kenyans are being ignorant of the advisory.

Kenya now has 15 confirmed cases of coronavirus.

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