Janan forces attack Beled-hawo Border In Kenya And Somalia

The forces led by the security minister of Jubbaland Abdi Rashid Hassan Abdi Nur Janan last night attacked Beled-hawo district in Gedo region, where the Somali government deployed troops.

Residents in Beled-hawo told Local Media  that heavy fighting broke out in Beled-hawo district, and reports said that Jubbaland forces attacked Beled-hawo and took control of parts of the district.

Reports indicate that the areas taken over by Jubbaland forces include the Hormuud building, near Beled-hawo police station, and customs.

Fighting has resumed in Beled-hawo district this morning, and communication in the town is reported to be cut off, but there is ongoing fighting using all kinds of weapons.

There were casualties on both sides as a result of the fighting, and some residents began to flee the fighting.

The Somali government has condemned the fighting, saying it was attacked by Kenyan militants in Beled-hawo district in Gedo region.

Somali Minister of Information Osman Dube said a Kenyan-backed rebel group had crossed the border into Somalia and attacked Gedo region, particularly Belet Xaawo district. CXD bravely subdued this illegal invasion.


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