Turkey to build spaceport in Somalia as part of $1B space program

Turkey could establish a spaceport in Somalia with a $350 million investment as part of its nascent space program that will cost upward of $1 billion, the Middle East Eye (MEE) reported Thursday.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced Turkey’s plans to land on the moon by 2023 in a news conference earlier this month during the inauguration ceremony of the country’s National Space Program.

“Our first goal is to land on the moon by 2023, the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey. I believe Turkish engineers will manage to carry out this mission,” he said.

The report in MEE, citing a Turkish source, said that the government plans to construct a rocket launch site in Somalia. The African country already hosts Turkey’s largest military training base and has enjoyed great relations with Ankara in all fields since 2011.

“The government’s draft calculations suggest establishing and maintaining the spaceport in Somalia would cost more than $350m. The government also aims to allocate grants for Turkish doctoral students to go abroad to study astrophysics, and will provide research and development funding for Turkish universities, altogether for around $150m,” the MEE article noted.

Turkish-Somali relations have experienced great success over the years, and as part of their strategic cooperation, Turkey has trained one-third of Somalia’s military forces.

In addition to military cooperation, the two countries also partner on health, education and other initiatives.


Aragtidaada Noogu Soo Dir




  1. I truly love and admire Turkey, and it is great news all-round for this giant of the Islamic world that is finally rekindling its long-lost glory and reclaiming its rightful position in global affairs. One of the most refreshing pieces of news in the massive global economic downturn, owing to Covid-19, is that both the Turkish currency and economy are predicted to be among the few best performing internationally.

    Thanks to the solid and visionary leadership of our lionheart Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Turkey is experiencing a transformation the like of which was last witnessed during the heydays of the Ottoman Empire. Its unstoppable propulsion into a fearsome superpower has left its lifelong enemies quaking in their boots while enormously inspiring the rest of the downtrodden Islamic world. Erdoğan truly has the Hand of God on his shoulders.

    We, the Somali people, and our country of Somalia should count ourselves extremely lucky and highly privileged that our Turkish brethren voluntarily chose to come to our rescue at a time the rest of the world was simply laughing at our misery and misfortunes and our future prospects seemed quite hopeless. We shall never forget the timely and brotherly succour that our Turkish brethren have provided us in our time of need. The only regret is that our Somali people are too idiotic to appreciate the colossal advantage at their disposal and exploit it to the fullest extent while they can.

    If I were Somalia’s president, I would have immediately rendered it a semi-autonomous protectorate of Turkey for at least 50 years; adopting the Turkish Lira to fully develop the economy until we are a fully functioning nation once again. Afterwards, that would have ensured that Somalia is very closely tied to Turkey in some kind of a union into the future. Somalia would have proudly emerged as Africa’s own Turkey and a power to be reckoned with and respected the world over.

  2. You sound stupid praising Turkey and calling us idiotic while calling for the recolonization of our motherland in the hands of Turkey. Keep your stupidity private , you idiot

  3. @@@Sakaria,

    Everyone can see the gaping difference between Somalis and Turks; the two are worlds apart in every sense of the phrase. There is no worse idiot in the world than a Somali with the cheek to believe he is holier than those who are much superior to him.

    We happen to be among the most primitive in the human race, and that much is pretty obvious to all and sundry. We are not even civil enough to understand the meaning of a motherland, otherwise, it would not have taken the rest of the world 70 odd years to try and civilize us and make us behave like proper humans.

    Our Turkish brethren, by virtue of their Aryan race and glorious Islamic history, are much superior to us and worth every word of praise showered on them – by me or anyone else. If you can’t grasp this simple reality, then it is quite clear who between you and me is the one that should hide his sheer stupidity and keep it private.

  4. Awlal, you must be MS ninkii intaas oo sano noo sheegan jiray Warsangeli, oo maalin dambe isu bedelay Dhabayaco,yaad ka baqaysay waryaa?maa Iidoorkaad ka baqdaa mise Hawiyaha?nin rag ah iska dhig koleey maa tihide,dumar baa tihiin naaso leh.

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