For many years Lasanod, the capital of the Sool region of northern Somalia, has been claimed by competing authorities—the Somaliland, Puntland, Khaatumo

and Sool, Sanaag and Cayn (SSC) administrations. Between 2003 and 2018, Lasanod city and its surrounding territories changed hands several times. The result is a city sand-wiched between two semi-autonomous states—Somaliland to the west and Puntland to the east—and governed by regulations that are different from the rest of Somalil-and. While Lasanod is currently under Somaliland administration and military control, the breakaway republic applies a specific set of trade and tax policies to Lasanod and its surroundings….Read more


Aragtidaada Noogu Soo Dir


Aragtidaada Halkani Ka Dhiibo Waan Fasaxi Doonaa

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